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29th March
written by Andrew Evans

We now have a Facebook page! Also visible on the right bar, we’ll be using this to organize events and collect photos.

Speaking of meetups, this Saturday we’ll be meeting up at WonderCon! Come out and see what’s going on, discuss the weekend, and hit the con. Official Con Page, for program and reference info.

14th March
written by Andrew Evans

GDC 2010 was amazing. Here’s the quick rundown:


  • Playfish party


  • CDNetworks at 111 Minna
  • GAMMA IV at Mezzanine
  • Wild Pickets party bus over to
  • LucasArts party
  • Harmonix party at Rockit


  • Speakeasy party at Metreon
  • Gamespy party on the XYZ Balcony
  • Havok party at Thirsty Bear
  • Tried to hit up Mezzanine, but they were closed


  • Destructoid party on 6th St


  • Finally actually hit the GDC floor!

Nabbed swag from all the booths, enough T-shirts to clothe a small country, but it was a little boring since I was neither hiring people nor looking for a job. Most of the booths were recruiting, some were selling enterprise tools and code, and a few were selling engines or middleware that might interest smaller, indie developers.

Still, it was a great time checking out the companies that attended, meeting people and industry reps, and seeing some of the upcoming trends in game development. We’ll definitely be there again next year!

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9th March
written by Andrew Evans

Last night was a party at Orson Lounge in SoMa celebrating Playfish’s new offices in San Francisco. Lots of new hires from the casual game company as well as some old hands and some recruiters, as well as awesome people from companies as diverse as HeyZap, Boomerang Networks, and InnoWate. There was an excellent open bar until 10:00pm, and a DJ spinning some pop-rock music including Beck and Gorillaz. They had a projector set up to show off Playfish’s games above the whole scene.

All in all a great time, and excellently done! Looking forward to more from Playfish and EA around the SF area in the future.

9th March
written by Andrew Evans

We’ll skip the traditional introductory “Hi OMG blog LOL” post and get started with some rockin’ events. All this week is the Game Developer’s Conference here in San Francisco, and while the day job ties me up for most of it, we’ll be crashing the after-parties as much as possible!

Here’s how things are shaping up so far:

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night

Friday Night

It’s going to be an absolutely wild week, and we can’t wait to bring you in on it!

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