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1st June
written by Andrew Evans

Yes, the ConCrashers were at Fanime this year – not like we would miss the Bay Area’s biggest anime convention! This year’s convention was full of fun times. There were some amazing events to go to outside the usual panels and anime viewings – the Flow concert had huge lines, the Masquerade was a big deal, LMC was also performing and the formal Black & White Ball was an interesting twist for the typically informal convention atmosphere.

The game room was fantastic this year, with big crowds and some of the newest games right out of Japan. The artist’s alley was full of interesting projects, including an amazing cosplay gallery book from a pretty awesome photographer. The dealer’s hall had some great stuff in addition to the usual costume ornaments and Japanese figures & oddities – Aksys Games had a booth where they were showing off their upcoming game Death Smiles.

The convention space was crowded as ever with excellent cosplayers – check out some of the pics on this post and the full gallery if you want to see. There were also some fantastic room parties from a few friends of ours, which made the nights very late and very entertaining.

All in all, Fanime was a fantastic con this year, and we can’t wait to go back and hit it even harder next year!

Like the pics? See the full gallery over on Agius’ Flickr!