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28th October
written by Andrew Evans

Con Crashers is throwing our FIRST OFFICIAL party in a suite at the Hyatt’s Yaoi-Con room block… and if you’ll be at Yaoi-Con 2010, we want YOU to join us.  Expect the entire Con Crashers crew, bishounen, cosplayers, drinking games, energetic attendees, laughs, and great alcohol when you arrive!

We don’t know our suite number yet, so visit to follow us on Facebook or for Twitter to get updates.  Come early… space will be limited to the amount of bodies that we can fit in our suite, and it’s going to be crowded… especially near the alcohol.

Price: Free!  We will thank people with updates for alcohol contributions, too.

Rules: Be quiet when asked, so the party can rock all night.  That’s it!

If you use Facebook Mobile and/or Twitter Mobile, click “Subscribe via SMS” on our Facebook page or click the phone icon on our Twitter page to get updates sent to your cell.  That way, we can let you know if the party switches rooms or when we re-open the party if hotel security shuts it down… and if we decide to do a follow up party on Saturday night.