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28th May
written by Chris Kraynik

I’ve been attending FanimeCon for twelve years straight now, both as a staffer and an attendee, and it’s been an honor to watch and help it grow.  From local guests to Studio Gainax, Fanime has kept fans entertained with a number of events and performances to please both the casual and hardcore anime fan. Today was no exception… Halko Momoi was here, and we had the pleasure of seeing DJ Helsing again as well.  He even graced the Swap Meet with his presence on Day 0, as did Jonathan Osbourne in the tabletop gaming area.

The fun continued as we enjoy Fanime’s music videos, a number of cosplay gatherings, and threw our first party of the weekend. Day 2 is here, so we’re signing off to enjoy it. We’ll see you again tomorrow for a Day 2 wrap-up… visit room 1212 if you want to meet us in person, and we’ll do a shot together if you’re of age!

24th May
written by daredragoon
The Big Wow Comic Fest is a relatively new comic book convention in the Bay Area.  Located in the beautiful city of San Jose, the convention offers a large range of interest groups including science fiction enthusiasts, comic book lovers, and anime fans.  The comic festival offers a wide variety of entertainment for its guests, including panels and autographs from renowned comic book authors and artists.  In addition, they have a variety of vendors and local artists where guests can purchase items, comics, and artwork of their favorite characters.

The convention’s panels were abundant, and full of variety.  Some panels included comic book authors explaining their inspiration for their comic book characters, while others assisted students and fans with breaking in to the comic book industry.  Overall, fans are put in direct association with their icons… and idols and are able to ask them questions, and pick their brains on their artistic endeavors.

The San Jose Convention Center also has a large array of vendors and artists which sell merchandise related to their interests.  This allows a greater form of communion between fans, allowing them to feel closer to their favorite pastime by acquiring their own versions of simulacrum.  Fans also portray this by dressing up as their favorite characters, and even do this in large groups.  Besides showing off their fandom, many fans do this to gain credibility and notoriety within their community.

Overall, the convention was a remarkable success… and everyone had a great time.  The panels provided an opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite comic book creators, and both the vendor and artist hall allowed fans to purchase items which helped bring them closer to their favorite comics.  In addition, people from many walks of life… whether they be fans of comic books, sci fi, or anime… got the chance to converge at this one fan festival, and express themselves with people who share their own interests and passions.