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28th May
written by Chris Kraynik

I’ve been attending FanimeCon for twelve years straight now, both as a staffer and an attendee, and it’s been an honor to watch and help it grow.  From local guests to Studio Gainax, Fanime has kept fans entertained with a number of events and performances to please both the casual and hardcore anime fan. Today was no exception… Halko Momoi was here, and we had the pleasure of seeing DJ Helsing again as well.  He even graced the Swap Meet with his presence on Day 0, as did Jonathan Osbourne in the tabletop gaming area.

The fun continued as we enjoy Fanime’s music videos, a number of cosplay gatherings, and threw our first party of the weekend. Day 2 is here, so we’re signing off to enjoy it. We’ll see you again tomorrow for a Day 2 wrap-up… visit room 1212 if you want to meet us in person, and we’ll do a shot together if you’re of age!