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20th June
written by Andrew Evans

We spent last weekend at Kintoki Con, at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. It was their first year running, and for that they did a fantastic job. There were a few small kinks (particularly with weekend pass pre-registrations) but there were a ton of activities and fun stuff to do.

We arrived on friday before the con started to get set up and check out the scene. One of the game rooms was set up, but things were pretty quiet. Saturday had a lot more going on, with three separate game rooms (one occupying the entire 15th floor), two video rooms, and plenty of celebrities to chat with. The hotel also had some great amenities such as an outdoor pool & hot tub, and balconies on the 15th floor overlooking Sacramento. The convention also hosted a cash-prize breakdancing competition which featured some incredible moves.

We threw a party Saturday night in our room, which turned out to be on a private floor, giving us an electronic bouncer gratis. We featured a margarita fountain and DJ spinning electronic music, and a glowing view of the mall across the street. Lots of cosplayers joined us after the Moon Stream show, which we heard was plagued with makeup issues from the artists, for a few drinks and some conversation. We got shut down around 1am after two visits from hotel security, and migrated to the 15th floor, where there was no alcohol, but there were DJ’s spinning pop music, fighting games, and beautiful nighttime skyline views.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed – we spent some time wandering the game rooms and talking to folks, going out to eat (though many local restaurants were closed on Sunday) and packing up to leave. Kintoki Con is small, but we think there’s a lot to it, and will definitely be going again next year. Will you be joining us?

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    Lol, Shredder!
    And I spot a Troll and it’s Attack Dog.