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7th June
written by Andrew Evans

This was something I heard ages ago that I thought everyone knew: the 6/2/1 con survival program. At Fanime a few weeks ago we ran into some folks who hadn’t heard of it, so I thought we could explain a bit more here. 6/2/1 helps you get through a con without missing much, feeling like crap, or stinking up the place. At its heart is a set of simple rules. Every day at a convention you must:

  • Get 6 hours of sleep
  • Eat 2 meals
  • Take 1 shower

Most people start to forget those in reverse order – showers are the first to go, then eating sufficiently, then not sleeping. Showers are critically important, and keep whatever convention you’re at from being an terrifying nerd-hole, so please people, use soap. Eating two meals a day gives you enough calories to jump around to panels, run around the halls taking pictures, and posing for photos yourself. Six hours of sleep helps keep your mood up and your mind healthy. While most people experience a sense of giddiness after about 24 hours awake, by the end of a convention you will have crashed, be in a bad mood, and generally be unpleasant company.

Stick to the 6/2/1 – you’ll have a much better con.

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