23rd September
written by clarissy

We drove all the way to Sacramento to take pleasure in SacAnime. Let me just say right off the bat that if you ever plan on going to this convention in the future…bring your friends. No, seriously, bring as many friends as you can. This is a very small convention and bringing friends along will make it a lot more fun!

SacAnime is in the Radisson Hotel, which is conveniently close to Costco! Home of the huge packaged deals, cheap food and drinks, and all the free samples you can stuff in your face with, and only a minute away by car. You will probably find yourself in the Dealers’ Room a lot since there are a ton of cool dealers! So let me give you the break down; a fellow Con Crasher and I drove down to the convention (traffic was nightmare). After reaching to our destination we settled for a bit in the hotel room then Josh (the Con Crasher) got into his German officer uniform for cosplay and we started walking around the hotel getting chummy with the rest of the con-goers, and passing the time. The other Con Crasher trio (Andrew, Chris, and Eric) finally made it, and we decided to crack open some beer bottles and rum in our hotel room to relax and hang out till the next day.

Saturday came rolling by, and we set off to explore. It took us about an hour to walk the whole convention. Andrew took some pictures of cosplayers with his awesome camera. I snapped a few pictures of people, including a super cute Atoli cosplayer! Ahhh~! Can’t get over how cute she was. Even in the dry heat of Sacramento, there was a pleasant cool wind blowing outside. Later on, Andrew was cosplaying as a cop, an outfit he borrowed  from Chris, and asked if I take a couple of pictures of him. Shortly after, I ended up talking with a fellow con goer who noticed a button I got from Yaoi-con. I told her all about it, and that she should totally be there this year! Too bad she turned out to be underage (wamp wamp!). I said goodbye to the charming young lady, and found out we were going on some paddleboats! See, this is why I love being a Con Crasher; we make our own fun, and if we see any thing interesting we just do it! All five of us were on two paddleboats, three on one and two on the other, and we started singing “I’m On a Boat” by the Lonely Island! Course I didn’t know all of the words but I think we made an impact with everyone waiting in line outside. So after 20 minutes or so we were sweating like hogs in the crazy heat. We paddled back in and chilled in our room most of the day. Finally it was nighttime and decided to check out the rave. I enjoyed some of the euro hardcore, but the speakers were hurting my ears, so I decided to clear out and wait for the others. Wasn’t long till they also vacated the room, so we went back to our room to get the party started! Whooo~! It was a great time, and we had some delicious pizza!

Conclusion, the con may be small but if you bring enough friends and know how to have a good time; you will have a blast. Next year, we will coordinate a bigger room party and meet more awesome con peeps. Till then, catch ya guys on the flipside!

7th September
written by Andrew Evans

Yes, we hit up SacAnime, the Sacramento anime convention this weekend just past. The CC crew arrived in two vehicles, the first to stake out territory and the second to deliver exotic drinks. Friday night was spent cavorting around the public areas, since half our crew arrived too late to acquire badges. We did manage to crash the rave for a bit, which was spinning some fun EBM & industrial music (although the stage-left speaker was cutting in and out the entire con). We ended up back at the room, having a few drinks and meeting the neighbors, who were interesting characters all. The night ended with a short run to the outdoor jacuzzi at the Radisson, which went very well with the drinks.

Saturday we got up around 9:30 and were out the door in short order. The day’s activities included gaming, chatting with random folks, photography, some costuming from nearly the whole crew, PADDLE-BOATING (yes, we serenaded the Steve Blum autograph line with “I’m on a boat!” sung from the Radisson lagoon), some pool time, and several runs to the Costco right across the street. The genius of having  a Costco next door cannot be overstated – easy drinks; great, cheap food; party supplies; and more than you could want of anything you forgot.

Saturday night we met up with some random folks, hit the rave again for a bit, and ended up with many drinks, surprise visitors, cosplayers and Super Troopers in the hotel room. The dance had the same issues as the Friday — also, their MC was shouting the “rules” of the dance over the music. Bit of a mistake in my opinion, but then no one expects anime con dances to match up to clubs or underground events (unless you’re at Otakon). Another jacuzzi run with the game room crew, and it was time for bed.

Sunday was a bit slow; we were all tired and barely had the energy to dress up. More gaming, perusing the dealer’s hall, and a very few costume photographs. We ended up leaving around 3:00pm right as the con was winding down, which turned out to be a good decision. Traffic from Sacramento back to the Bay was… unpleasant.

All in all a great time was had, many great folks were met, and a fun party was held both nights. Next year we shall plan more, and party bigger and harder. Until then, SacAnime!

Like the pics? The full set is available on Agius’ Flickr Set!

8th July
written by Andrew Evans

We attended Anime Expo for the first time this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We drove down from SF on Thursday evening, and got in to the Kawada Hotel at an even 2:00am. The Kawada did not make for the most comfortable lodgings (when they say a 2-person bedroom, those two people better be pretty damn close), but we nevertheless passed out by 3:30 or so.

I spent Friday afternoon walking around the con, photographing cosplayers and generally trying to stay awake. It was a blast, though – there were some tremendously awesome costumes in the large south hall of the convention center, and the arcade game-room was open to all with some excellent rhythm, fighting, and shoot-em-up arcade games.

Friday night we attended the launch party for, an awesome anime blog and community site. Their con review is posted here. The party was held at a place in LA Live called the Farm, and was, to use the technical term, totally ballin’. After that we hit up a party with mutual friends Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, which was hilarious and fun. Held at a karaoke bar in Little Tokyo, we went ’till about midnight having beer, discussing the con and making idiots of ourselves. Great times. Called it a night shortly after.

Saturday we hit the con in earnest – made three passes through the football-field-sized Artist’s Alley and Dealer’s Room, checking out booths from Aksys Games, NIS America, Funimation, and some fantastic cosplay shops. We went to a few panels, including AMV Iron Chef (though we didn’t stay and watch the “chefs” compose AMV’s for THREE HOURS – we did catch the end of it for some good music videos) and the “how to get started in animation” panel, which had some pretty high-up Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon folks explaining how they got into the field. Console gaming room was tight, with the same games as the arcade but free (BlazBlue, SFIV, Rock Band, some Cave shoot-em-up).

Saturday night was partying with a few friends and doing nothing too specific – finding parties and meeting up with friends proved to be quite a challenge due to the huge distances involved. The shuttle routes, double-Mariott’s, and spread of locations made it require significant commitment to go anywhere Saturday night. Next year, we’ll be planning all that out in advance.

Sunday, I took the day off to hit the beach, which was a total Bro-fest. July 4th in LA? Who’d have guessed? The rest of the CC crew hit the con, but it apparently shut down by 3 or so. Shortly after we high-tailed it back to SF.

All in all a great weekend – this con might be a little too huge for its own good, but with a proper plan of attack, next year will be much less challenging. Pics below!

Like the pics above? See more on our Facebook Page or on agius’ Flickr Photoset!

1st June
written by Andrew Evans

Yes, the ConCrashers were at Fanime this year – not like we would miss the Bay Area’s biggest anime convention! This year’s convention was full of fun times. There were some amazing events to go to outside the usual panels and anime viewings – the Flow concert had huge lines, the Masquerade was a big deal, LMC was also performing and the formal Black & White Ball was an interesting twist for the typically informal convention atmosphere.

The game room was fantastic this year, with big crowds and some of the newest games right out of Japan. The artist’s alley was full of interesting projects, including an amazing cosplay gallery book from a pretty awesome photographer. The dealer’s hall had some great stuff in addition to the usual costume ornaments and Japanese figures & oddities – Aksys Games had a booth where they were showing off their upcoming game Death Smiles.

The convention space was crowded as ever with excellent cosplayers – check out some of the pics on this post and the full gallery if you want to see. There were also some fantastic room parties from a few friends of ours, which made the nights very late and very entertaining.

All in all, Fanime was a fantastic con this year, and we can’t wait to go back and hit it even harder next year!

Like the pics? See the full gallery over on Agius’ Flickr!

5th April
written by Andrew Evans

Consider it crashed!

After a small party Friday night and a night out at the Abbey Tavern, we got to WonderCon around noon, hit up the expo floor and wandered around trying things out, reading, and running into people. We stopped by Capcom’s booth and got looks at Dead Rising 2, stopped by EA’s booth for some Dante’s Inferno, and checked out the Browncoat’s presence.

We had a small meetup, with a few comings-and-goings, including Austin of EigoMANGA. Everyone had some kind of panel or other to get to – it seemed our timing was rather poor – so, it was just a stop-in, say hi, head out kind of affair. We also ran over to catch the Destructoid folks at their meetup and say hello. Then off to the preview panel for Splice and Christopher Nolan’s new film.

Lunch, further expo floor coverage, and then we headed to a happy hour being put on by EigoMANGA and Supa Pirate. Some good happy hour drinks and great company there, and then we called it a night.

We actually arrived earlier on Sunday, at 11:30. Wandered the expo floor some more, photographing cosplayers and checking out art exhibits. Ran out to grab some lunch, got back in time for the Chuck panel with a few key cast members, including our favorite Adam Baldwin. We also got to screen the new episode before it airs – not one to be missed!

A bit more on the expo floor, some performance at the Just Dance booth, and running into Dickens Fair folk and other WWII cosplayers, and then we packed it in for the night. WonderCon takes a lot of energy to go through, and we really made an event of it this year. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Be sure to check out more photos of us in our Facebook gallery, and plenty of costume photos on Agius’ Flickr photoset!

14th March
written by Andrew Evans

GDC 2010 was amazing. Here’s the quick rundown:


  • Playfish party


  • CDNetworks at 111 Minna
  • GAMMA IV at Mezzanine
  • Wild Pickets party bus over to
  • LucasArts party
  • Harmonix party at Rockit


  • Speakeasy party at Metreon
  • Gamespy party on the XYZ Balcony
  • Havok party at Thirsty Bear
  • Tried to hit up Mezzanine, but they were closed


  • Destructoid party on 6th St


  • Finally actually hit the GDC floor!

Nabbed swag from all the booths, enough T-shirts to clothe a small country, but it was a little boring since I was neither hiring people nor looking for a job. Most of the booths were recruiting, some were selling enterprise tools and code, and a few were selling engines or middleware that might interest smaller, indie developers.

Still, it was a great time checking out the companies that attended, meeting people and industry reps, and seeing some of the upcoming trends in game development. We’ll definitely be there again next year!

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9th March
written by Andrew Evans

We’ll skip the traditional introductory “Hi OMG blog LOL” post and get started with some rockin’ events. All this week is the Game Developer’s Conference here in San Francisco, and while the day job ties me up for most of it, we’ll be crashing the after-parties as much as possible!

Here’s how things are shaping up so far:

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night

Friday Night

It’s going to be an absolutely wild week, and we can’t wait to bring you in on it!

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