28th May
written by Chris Kraynik

I’ve been attending FanimeCon for twelve years straight now, both as a staffer and an attendee, and it’s been an honor to watch and help it grow.  From local guests to Studio Gainax, Fanime has kept fans entertained with a number of events and performances to please both the casual and hardcore anime fan. Today was no exception… Halko Momoi was here, and we had the pleasure of seeing DJ Helsing again as well.  He even graced the Swap Meet with his presence on Day 0, as did Jonathan Osbourne in the tabletop gaming area.

The fun continued as we enjoy Fanime’s music videos, a number of cosplay gatherings, and threw our first party of the weekend. Day 2 is here, so we’re signing off to enjoy it. We’ll see you again tomorrow for a Day 2 wrap-up… visit room 1212 if you want to meet us in person, and we’ll do a shot together if you’re of age!

24th May
written by daredragoon
The Big Wow Comic Fest is a relatively new comic book convention in the Bay Area.  Located in the beautiful city of San Jose, the convention offers a large range of interest groups including science fiction enthusiasts, comic book lovers, and anime fans.  The comic festival offers a wide variety of entertainment for its guests, including panels and autographs from renowned comic book authors and artists.  In addition, they have a variety of vendors and local artists where guests can purchase items, comics, and artwork of their favorite characters.

The convention’s panels were abundant, and full of variety.  Some panels included comic book authors explaining their inspiration for their comic book characters, while others assisted students and fans with breaking in to the comic book industry.  Overall, fans are put in direct association with their icons… and idols and are able to ask them questions, and pick their brains on their artistic endeavors.

The San Jose Convention Center also has a large array of vendors and artists which sell merchandise related to their interests.  This allows a greater form of communion between fans, allowing them to feel closer to their favorite pastime by acquiring their own versions of simulacrum.  Fans also portray this by dressing up as their favorite characters, and even do this in large groups.  Besides showing off their fandom, many fans do this to gain credibility and notoriety within their community.

Overall, the convention was a remarkable success… and everyone had a great time.  The panels provided an opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite comic book creators, and both the vendor and artist hall allowed fans to purchase items which helped bring them closer to their favorite comics.  In addition, people from many walks of life… whether they be fans of comic books, sci fi, or anime… got the chance to converge at this one fan festival, and express themselves with people who share their own interests and passions.
19th April
written by Andrew Evans

The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival isn’t strictly an anime convention – it’s a celebration of all of Japanese culture. But anime and cosplay certainly plays a big part, and the festival always draws out a friendly anime crowd. The festival runs two weekends in a row with a cosplay contest and parade on the second Sunday. We attended the second weekend to check out the food stalls, merchandise, and march in the parade with the other cosplayers.

There is no end to how much food you can buy here – there is an incredible variety of everything from Takoyaki to gyoza & sushi, and all of it is delicious. Most places are cash-only, though, so bring a hefty supply. The merchandise was not the kind of stuff you could get at any anime convention – there were a lot of culture-themed collectibles such as glass & pewter dragons, tapestries, and awesome clothing from dresses to kimonos.

We got there a little too late for the cosplay contest, but made it to the parade. There were some excellent cosplays with everything from Inuyasha to Prinnies from the Nippon Ichi games. After wandering around a bit, we also caught a show from a Sailor Scouts group on the main stage which was delightful.

There’s not much of a party scene for the Cherry Blossom Festival, since it’s not really something people come from out of town to see, but we made our own fun. After the parade we hit up a Korean karaoke bar nearby, ran into some friends having a birthday, and ended up at a couple different house parties throughout the night.

Cherry Blossom is a great place to go with friends. We’ll be there next year – will you join us?

4th November
written by clarissy

This is the con we have been waiting for all year!  Yaoi-Con is a very special convention that celebrates and fully explores the fantasy of two men in hot, steamy romance for the female fans (and some of the men too).  This weekend marks their 10th year Anniversary!  We, the Con Crashers, have eagerly anticipated this event… and this year, we’re an official group!  Yaoi-Con this year was held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame.  The previous year’s convention was held in the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, which was half the size of the current venue.  It was a big change, and was for the best… as a lot of the events were held in bigger rooms.

My fellow Con Crashers got to the hotel Friday evening, and prepped our official room party.  I arrived later, put on my cosplay, and handed out party flyers.  I was finally cosplaying an original character, the Yaoi Mistress.  After some modifications, I was happy with the outfit overall… as were the people who took pictures of me!  After we handed out enough flyers to get a good amount of people in our room, we decided to walk around the con and check out the Bishie Bingo event.  After bingo was done, we went back to our room and organized where the alcohol should go.  Our room became packed with cosplayers, bishie boys and other random visitors in no time.  Overall, we all had a brilliant time entertaining our guests, chatting and drinking, recruited a bartender for our “bathroom bar”, and just having a blast.

Saturday quickly became flooded with cosplayers, and I walked around the convention checking out the Dealer’s room and the Fan Market (the place for local artists show casing and selling their art).  I checked out Scuttlebutt, HamletMachine (a well known DA artist and creator of the web comic series Star Fighter), and Ponderosa.  We spent a lot of time walking around, killing time before the huge Bishie Auction began.

This event is focused around hot, pretty men who do skits and are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  They hang out with their buyer till about 3:00am.  I was impressed with some of skits these lovely boys were doing, especially the one where a Hollow Ichigo cosplayer from Bleach simply came up on stage and showed off his very well muscled body while the song “I’m Too Sexy” from Right Said Fred was playing.  However, the biggest surprise was having two popular Japanese voice actors (Hidenobu Kiuchi, and Ryoutarou Okiayu) being auctioned off!  The audience quickly became ecstatic, and bidding went through the roof!

One lucky group outbidded another group for exactly $11,000 dollars… I was flabbergasted!  Even our own Con Crashers were part of the Bishie auction.  The creator and founder of Con Crashers Andrew, and fellow Con Crashers Josh and John did a skit while cosplaying three soviet Russians.  Andrew portrayed a gay Stalin, and used “visual” aides to the Russian soldiers for Siberian Winter combat with hilarious results.  Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Sunday was our last day, and we said our goodbyes to the people we’ve met and parted ways.

Yaoi-Con was the best con we’ve crashed by far, and the room party we threw was the best part of the convention.  Please keep your eyes open for the Con Crashers when we update again for our next anime convention.  Till then, adieu!

23rd September
written by clarissy

We drove all the way to Sacramento to take pleasure in SacAnime. Let me just say right off the bat that if you ever plan on going to this convention in the future…bring your friends. No, seriously, bring as many friends as you can. This is a very small convention and bringing friends along will make it a lot more fun!

SacAnime is in the Radisson Hotel, which is conveniently close to Costco! Home of the huge packaged deals, cheap food and drinks, and all the free samples you can stuff in your face with, and only a minute away by car. You will probably find yourself in the Dealers’ Room a lot since there are a ton of cool dealers! So let me give you the break down; a fellow Con Crasher and I drove down to the convention (traffic was nightmare). After reaching to our destination we settled for a bit in the hotel room then Josh (the Con Crasher) got into his German officer uniform for cosplay and we started walking around the hotel getting chummy with the rest of the con-goers, and passing the time. The other Con Crasher trio (Andrew, Chris, and Eric) finally made it, and we decided to crack open some beer bottles and rum in our hotel room to relax and hang out till the next day.

Saturday came rolling by, and we set off to explore. It took us about an hour to walk the whole convention. Andrew took some pictures of cosplayers with his awesome camera. I snapped a few pictures of people, including a super cute Atoli cosplayer! Ahhh~! Can’t get over how cute she was. Even in the dry heat of Sacramento, there was a pleasant cool wind blowing outside. Later on, Andrew was cosplaying as a cop, an outfit he borrowed  from Chris, and asked if I take a couple of pictures of him. Shortly after, I ended up talking with a fellow con goer who noticed a button I got from Yaoi-con. I told her all about it, and that she should totally be there this year! Too bad she turned out to be underage (wamp wamp!). I said goodbye to the charming young lady, and found out we were going on some paddleboats! See, this is why I love being a Con Crasher; we make our own fun, and if we see any thing interesting we just do it! All five of us were on two paddleboats, three on one and two on the other, and we started singing “I’m On a Boat” by the Lonely Island! Course I didn’t know all of the words but I think we made an impact with everyone waiting in line outside. So after 20 minutes or so we were sweating like hogs in the crazy heat. We paddled back in and chilled in our room most of the day. Finally it was nighttime and decided to check out the rave. I enjoyed some of the euro hardcore, but the speakers were hurting my ears, so I decided to clear out and wait for the others. Wasn’t long till they also vacated the room, so we went back to our room to get the party started! Whooo~! It was a great time, and we had some delicious pizza!

Conclusion, the con may be small but if you bring enough friends and know how to have a good time; you will have a blast. Next year, we will coordinate a bigger room party and meet more awesome con peeps. Till then, catch ya guys on the flipside!

20th April
written by Andrew Evans

Cherry Blossom was a lot of fun once again this year, with some great costumes and a very long parade. Too long, really.

Con Crashers were representing for the second Sunday of the festival, since that had all the costume-related events. We got there pretty early, around 11:00, and had plenty of time for shopping and running into folks before the parade started. We were fortunate to find a shady spot to watch from, and I managed to get some good pictures out of it. Afterwards, it was lunch, a bit more shopping, watching Anime Myu, and then heading home before evening plans.

Check out the gallery below, and stay tuned for more convention & event info!

12th April
written by Andrew Evans

So, last weekend was the start of the SF Cherry Blossom Festival. While not exactly a convention, we try to make an appearance there every year due to their Grand Parade, which presents an excellent opportunity for Bay Area cosplayers to get out and show off their amazing costumes. The parade is on the second weekend of the festival, or in our case, this upcoming weekend. Last year was bright, sunny, and a heckuva lot of fun, and we hope this year will be again.

Hope to see you there! Pictures are from last year’s Cherry Blossom.