8th September
written by Andrew Evans

Last weekend we hit up SacAnime, one of our favorite cons of the year. Held partially outdoors at the Radisson in Sacramento, the con has a real party vibe to it. Needless to say, we got precious little sleep this weekend.

We got lucky with our room placement and had an awesome view of the main stage from our balcony. We got to watch the Matsuri festival games during the day, which included sumo wrestling, target-tossing and other carnival games. Later on we got to watch the Kendo demonstration from a dojo in Scramento. Saturday night we got the behind-the-scenes look at the Eyeshine concert, which was great.

The game room was top notch this year, with everything from Pop’n Music to Typing of the Dead. There was a Maid Cafe we didn’t have time to stop into, but which looked EGL-tastic. Team Love/Hate was out demoing their sweet cars, with Jinai and co. rocking an awesome DJ set all con long.

The Dealer’s Room was super crowded – we only managed it twice the whole con, and didn’t get to see much due to all the shoulder bumping action and conflicting appointments. Hopefully they’ll get a larger space for it next year. The Artist’s Alley felt about the same as last year; cozy, fun, and definitely in need of more ventilation.

We didn’t make it to the dance this year on either night – we were busy managing our room and checking out the Eyeshine concert. I did catch a bit of Pendulum’s “The Island” and some other electro & house music. We’ll make more effort to get there next year.

We can’t help throwing a party, and this con was no exception. We had the usual DJ & margarita fountain set up, an insider’s view of Eyeshine on te balcony, and plenty to drink & chill with inside. As usual, SacAnime had a great crowd and tons of fun people stopped by. Around 1am on Sat, though, we had to shut down to go check out another friend’s party, so sorry if you stopped by after then!

We had a blast this year, and simply can’t wait to go back next year! Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long, since it’s happening again in January. More cons should be biannual. Or bi-winning, as Charlie Sheen would put it.













16th June
written by Andrew Evans

Glad to report the Con Crashers & Cosplay Report will be at Kintoki Con this year! Seems to be their first year running out of a hotel, so we’re really excited to see them launch and check out what they have to offer. We’ve had a great time at SacAnime and SacCon, so we’re fans of the Sacramento convention scene.

We’ll probably have a party, gathering, or shindig of some sort. Hit us up on Twitter for the most up-to-date data and where we’re at!

28th October
written by Andrew Evans

Con Crashers is throwing our FIRST OFFICIAL party in a suite at the Hyatt’s Yaoi-Con room block… and if you’ll be at Yaoi-Con 2010, we want YOU to join us.  Expect the entire Con Crashers crew, bishounen, cosplayers, drinking games, energetic attendees, laughs, and great alcohol when you arrive!

We don’t know our suite number yet, so visit to follow us on Facebook or for Twitter to get updates.  Come early… space will be limited to the amount of bodies that we can fit in our suite, and it’s going to be crowded… especially near the alcohol.

Price: Free!  We will thank people with updates for alcohol contributions, too.

Rules: Be quiet when asked, so the party can rock all night.  That’s it!

If you use Facebook Mobile and/or Twitter Mobile, click “Subscribe via SMS” on our Facebook page or click the phone icon on our Twitter page to get updates sent to your cell.  That way, we can let you know if the party switches rooms or when we re-open the party if hotel security shuts it down… and if we decide to do a follow up party on Saturday night.