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8th September
written by Andrew Evans

Last weekend we hit up SacAnime, one of our favorite cons of the year. Held partially outdoors at the Radisson in Sacramento, the con has a real party vibe to it. Needless to say, we got precious little sleep this weekend.

We got lucky with our room placement and had an awesome view of the main stage from our balcony. We got to watch the Matsuri festival games during the day, which included sumo wrestling, target-tossing and other carnival games. Later on we got to watch the Kendo demonstration from a dojo in Scramento. Saturday night we got the behind-the-scenes look at the Eyeshine concert, which was great.

The game room was top notch this year, with everything from Pop’n Music to Typing of the Dead. There was a Maid Cafe we didn’t have time to stop into, but which looked EGL-tastic. Team Love/Hate was out demoing their sweet cars, with Jinai and co. rocking an awesome DJ set all con long.

The Dealer’s Room was super crowded – we only managed it twice the whole con, and didn’t get to see much due to all the shoulder bumping action and conflicting appointments. Hopefully they’ll get a larger space for it next year. The Artist’s Alley felt about the same as last year; cozy, fun, and definitely in need of more ventilation.

We didn’t make it to the dance this year on either night – we were busy managing our room and checking out the Eyeshine concert. I did catch a bit of Pendulum’s “The Island” and some other electro & house music. We’ll make more effort to get there next year.

We can’t help throwing a party, and this con was no exception. We had the usual DJ & margarita fountain set up, an insider’s view of Eyeshine on te balcony, and plenty to drink & chill with inside. As usual, SacAnime had a great crowd and tons of fun people stopped by. Around 1am on Sat, though, we had to shut down to go check out another friend’s party, so sorry if you stopped by after then!

We had a blast this year, and simply can’t wait to go back next year! Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long, since it’s happening again in January. More cons should be biannual. Or bi-winning, as Charlie Sheen would put it.













4th November
written by clarissy

This is the con we have been waiting for all year!  Yaoi-Con is a very special convention that celebrates and fully explores the fantasy of two men in hot, steamy romance for the female fans (and some of the men too).  This weekend marks their 10th year Anniversary!  We, the Con Crashers, have eagerly anticipated this event… and this year, we’re an official group!  Yaoi-Con this year was held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame.  The previous year’s convention was held in the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, which was half the size of the current venue.  It was a big change, and was for the best… as a lot of the events were held in bigger rooms.

My fellow Con Crashers got to the hotel Friday evening, and prepped our official room party.  I arrived later, put on my cosplay, and handed out party flyers.  I was finally cosplaying an original character, the Yaoi Mistress.  After some modifications, I was happy with the outfit overall… as were the people who took pictures of me!  After we handed out enough flyers to get a good amount of people in our room, we decided to walk around the con and check out the Bishie Bingo event.  After bingo was done, we went back to our room and organized where the alcohol should go.  Our room became packed with cosplayers, bishie boys and other random visitors in no time.  Overall, we all had a brilliant time entertaining our guests, chatting and drinking, recruited a bartender for our “bathroom bar”, and just having a blast.

Saturday quickly became flooded with cosplayers, and I walked around the convention checking out the Dealer’s room and the Fan Market (the place for local artists show casing and selling their art).  I checked out Scuttlebutt, HamletMachine (a well known DA artist and creator of the web comic series Star Fighter), and Ponderosa.  We spent a lot of time walking around, killing time before the huge Bishie Auction began.

This event is focused around hot, pretty men who do skits and are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  They hang out with their buyer till about 3:00am.  I was impressed with some of skits these lovely boys were doing, especially the one where a Hollow Ichigo cosplayer from Bleach simply came up on stage and showed off his very well muscled body while the song “I’m Too Sexy” from Right Said Fred was playing.  However, the biggest surprise was having two popular Japanese voice actors (Hidenobu Kiuchi, and Ryoutarou Okiayu) being auctioned off!  The audience quickly became ecstatic, and bidding went through the roof!

One lucky group outbidded another group for exactly $11,000 dollars… I was flabbergasted!  Even our own Con Crashers were part of the Bishie auction.  The creator and founder of Con Crashers Andrew, and fellow Con Crashers Josh and John did a skit while cosplaying three soviet Russians.  Andrew portrayed a gay Stalin, and used “visual” aides to the Russian soldiers for Siberian Winter combat with hilarious results.  Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Sunday was our last day, and we said our goodbyes to the people we’ve met and parted ways.

Yaoi-Con was the best con we’ve crashed by far, and the room party we threw was the best part of the convention.  Please keep your eyes open for the Con Crashers when we update again for our next anime convention.  Till then, adieu!

5th April
written by Andrew Evans

Consider it crashed!

After a small party Friday night and a night out at the Abbey Tavern, we got to WonderCon around noon, hit up the expo floor and wandered around trying things out, reading, and running into people. We stopped by Capcom’s booth and got looks at Dead Rising 2, stopped by EA’s booth for some Dante’s Inferno, and checked out the Browncoat’s presence.

We had a small meetup, with a few comings-and-goings, including Austin of EigoMANGA. Everyone had some kind of panel or other to get to – it seemed our timing was rather poor – so, it was just a stop-in, say hi, head out kind of affair. We also ran over to catch the Destructoid folks at their meetup and say hello. Then off to the preview panel for Splice and Christopher Nolan’s new film.

Lunch, further expo floor coverage, and then we headed to a happy hour being put on by EigoMANGA and Supa Pirate. Some good happy hour drinks and great company there, and then we called it a night.

We actually arrived earlier on Sunday, at 11:30. Wandered the expo floor some more, photographing cosplayers and checking out art exhibits. Ran out to grab some lunch, got back in time for the Chuck panel with a few key cast members, including our favorite Adam Baldwin. We also got to screen the new episode before it airs – not one to be missed!

A bit more on the expo floor, some performance at the Just Dance booth, and running into Dickens Fair folk and other WWII cosplayers, and then we packed it in for the night. WonderCon takes a lot of energy to go through, and we really made an event of it this year. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Be sure to check out more photos of us in our Facebook gallery, and plenty of costume photos on Agius’ Flickr photoset!

29th March
written by Andrew Evans

We now have a Facebook page! Also visible on the right bar, we’ll be using this to organize events and collect photos.

Speaking of meetups, this Saturday we’ll be meeting up at WonderCon! Come out and see what’s going on, discuss the weekend, and hit the con. Official Con Page, for program and reference info.

14th March
written by Andrew Evans

GDC 2010 was amazing. Here’s the quick rundown:


  • Playfish party


  • CDNetworks at 111 Minna
  • GAMMA IV at Mezzanine
  • Wild Pickets party bus over to
  • LucasArts party
  • Harmonix party at Rockit


  • Speakeasy party at Metreon
  • Gamespy party on the XYZ Balcony
  • Havok party at Thirsty Bear
  • Tried to hit up Mezzanine, but they were closed


  • Destructoid party on 6th St


  • Finally actually hit the GDC floor!

Nabbed swag from all the booths, enough T-shirts to clothe a small country, but it was a little boring since I was neither hiring people nor looking for a job. Most of the booths were recruiting, some were selling enterprise tools and code, and a few were selling engines or middleware that might interest smaller, indie developers.

Still, it was a great time checking out the companies that attended, meeting people and industry reps, and seeing some of the upcoming trends in game development. We’ll definitely be there again next year!

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9th March
written by Andrew Evans

We’ll skip the traditional introductory “Hi OMG blog LOL” post and get started with some rockin’ events. All this week is the Game Developer’s Conference here in San Francisco, and while the day job ties me up for most of it, we’ll be crashing the after-parties as much as possible!

Here’s how things are shaping up so far:

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night

Friday Night

It’s going to be an absolutely wild week, and we can’t wait to bring you in on it!

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