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5th April
written by Andrew Evans

Consider it crashed!

After a small party Friday night and a night out at the Abbey Tavern, we got to WonderCon around noon, hit up the expo floor and wandered around trying things out, reading, and running into people. We stopped by Capcom’s booth and got looks at Dead Rising 2, stopped by EA’s booth for some Dante’s Inferno, and checked out the Browncoat’s presence.

We had a small meetup, with a few comings-and-goings, including Austin of EigoMANGA. Everyone had some kind of panel or other to get to – it seemed our timing was rather poor – so, it was just a stop-in, say hi, head out kind of affair. We also ran over to catch the Destructoid folks at their meetup and say hello. Then off to the preview panel for Splice and Christopher Nolan’s new film.

Lunch, further expo floor coverage, and then we headed to a happy hour being put on by EigoMANGA and Supa Pirate. Some good happy hour drinks and great company there, and then we called it a night.

We actually arrived earlier on Sunday, at 11:30. Wandered the expo floor some more, photographing cosplayers and checking out art exhibits. Ran out to grab some lunch, got back in time for the Chuck panel with a few key cast members, including our favorite Adam Baldwin. We also got to screen the new episode before it airs – not one to be missed!

A bit more on the expo floor, some performance at the Just Dance booth, and running into Dickens Fair folk and other WWII cosplayers, and then we packed it in for the night. WonderCon takes a lot of energy to go through, and we really made an event of it this year. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Be sure to check out more photos of us in our Facebook gallery, and plenty of costume photos on Agius’ Flickr photoset!